• 01 Aug 2014
  • Working period : 8 year, 4 months, 5 days

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We have glad to be a part of this huge project. It's repucaution script, We have customized it and solved the existing plugin bug, We have also developed various algorithm to help website to keep track their website logs and has google analytical API integration. 

Technology used
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620474111_5908346d7123b4375e96.png
    Twalio API
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620452615_4dc52ba2f57d57cfc1d5.png
    Paypal Checkout
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620476365_7fd167ab83d8669076bf.png
    CSS - Saas
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1619437782_a11548c0b59cf963a0da.png
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620455023_f124b3770b312150f2b8.png
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620453721_ab1ecc66b52821d069b3.png
    API Integration