• 12 Dec 2018
  • Working period : 1 year, 10 months, 30 days

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Social networking for solo travelers who finds their teammate for lunch, dinner, travel, etc group activity through the application.

We have developed a CMS where the admin can push movies and other tag-related data, shows list, and control data for mobile apps. We have provided Rest APIs (with rest API documentation). 

  1. Database design
  2. Native iOS mobile application development (Swift)
  3. Admin Panel with nice infographics charts and admin controls
  4. Rest API with Auth Key

The platform we used:
For backend & API: CodeIgniter 3,
For Mobile Application: iOS Swift

Technology used
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    Paypal Checkout
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620456475_47be0b004d1471e53dd5.png
    iOS App Development
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  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620455704_6b41b9f51154ce3e2e61.png
    CRM System
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    API Integration