• 07 May 2021
  • Working period : 9 months, 10 days

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As a technical team, We have a lot of options to develop our own website, We choose CodeIgniter 4, Old website was built on Codeigniter 3. We could choose Wordpress or any other cms, But the kind of control we wanted could achieve only with the custom website where we can control every bit of the website to give great performance and results. Here is some highlight we provide with custom websites : 

  •  Quick - Fast rendering websites
  •  Secured with firewall and Honeyport, CSRF 
  •  Responsive Admin: Easy to add content from admin no fancy plugins or unwanted weird screens, It's simple and purely developed to serve the business purpse
  • Technology : Latest PHP & MySQL
  •  Responsive UI: Easy to control site with simple administration from any device
  •  Expansion - Adding a new feature with minimal price as we provide vanilla code 0% dependency on our team. (we win a customer with satisfaction, not with a monopoly)
  • Solid Database: Normalization, PL/SQL, Procedures/functions makes DB operation ultra quick.
  • Secure: CSRF, SQL Injection prevention, Logs, audits, password checker,
  • Guarantee: 30 days free support & Lifetime hack shield
  • Inbuilt SEO: We strictly follow the SEO guidelines so no need to spend more money on the robotics audience. Follow web. dev protocol to make site ultra-fast
  • Digital marketing: Analytics code & meta insertion 
Technology used
  • img Boostrap
  • img CodeIgniter
  • img Google Map API
  • img PHP
  • Service offered
  • img Custom Web Development
  • img Digital Marketing