• 02 Dec 2021
  • Working period : 1 months, 25 days

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Classified websites with features where user can add their ads and contact seller directly. Users can feature ads with a small payments. Admin can manage websites and all ads.
Technology used
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620453396_0a64c86c18349c26dfb7.png
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620454150_11d07d2e71680ee75402.png
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620453073_4b4addc7e441ce49be84.png
    Google Map API
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620453582_e293b210bc08217a2c75.png
    Google API
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620476365_7fd167ab83d8669076bf.png
    CSS - Saas
Service offered