• 12 Oct 2015
  • Working period : 2015 year, 10 months, 12 days

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The crowd Charge application will help customers to find the nearest charge point also give alerts on the various feal empty limit. The app will help EV car to plan their journey and consumption of fuel. The app will accept online payment and refill their fuel wallet to use the crowd charge point station. 

Technology used
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    Paypal Checkout
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620456475_47be0b004d1471e53dd5.png
    iOS App Development
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620453073_4b4addc7e441ce49be84.png
    Google Map API
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620453582_e293b210bc08217a2c75.png
    Google API
  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620476365_7fd167ab83d8669076bf.png
    CSS - Saas
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  • TheFoxLab-technology-1620455023_f124b3770b312150f2b8.png
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    API Integration
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    Android app