TheFoxLab offers third-party (Supplier) product sync with WordPress/Woocommerce.

Keep up to date product inventory, stocks, images, category wise products with load sharing algorithm by TheFoxLab which will run even in shared hosting. We highly recommended using dedicated hosting for your e-commerce website if more than 20k products. 

eCommerce website owner you have to keep in mind the following points:
  1. Price algorithm: Would you like to add commission or % in pricing or any affiliate links in product purchase by the user?
  2. Would you like to have only a certain category of product from the supplier feed?
  3. How many images would you like to have on your site for each product?
  4. Some suppliers won't allow keeping the same product title so, in this case, would you like to have a special preference for product title?

What do we need from your side?
  1. WP-admin details
  2. Hosting account/Cpanel 
  3. Supplier feed/API details or documentation or link
What process do we follow for sync supplier product with your eCommerce products:
  1. Analyze feed and consistency will send you a list of details we can fetch from API
  2. Structuring/Parsing the API data with woocommerce product 
  3. Apply your preference on product insertion/update (price, category, photos, etc)
  4. Set CRON in hosting and set the frequency which suits your hosting panel
  5. In-depth logs of CRON which set on your email address so you will get an idea about which product insert/save or failed with the reason and other meta logs.
  6. We provide one 1-month of free analytical support for this offer job as we make sure that everything works fine with the sync.



We're committed to keep our promises, No hidden charges after quote.