API: Exchange data between server and server platform (io applications, websites servers). i.e. If you wanted to sync two systems then need API (one server will offer API URLs & second server/node will integrate/use it )

API knowns based on its API protocol :
  1. Rest-full API
  2. Custom API
API names differ based on API call response:  
  1. Json API
  2. XML API 
In short, API is a gateway between two platforms, Server side language will provide API while the front end (client-side) will use API to interact with the server.


API use for integrating third-party services/data in your website like as below:
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Paypal API, Stripe API,  2checkout, etc
  • Social Media: Facebook API, Twitter API, Google API, Yahoo Financial API, etc, 
  • Booking API: Booking.com, Travel API, Zipcodes, 
  • Products sync: Amazon API, eBay API, Selro API, Unleashed API, Salesforce API, etc
  • Streaming: Whereby API, Zoom API integration
  • Analytical: Google Analytics API, Google Map API, etc

Well, how to get this service?

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